Putting a brand idea to work in retail.


THE BRIEF: Desperados, the tequila-flavored beer, was well known for epic stunts like SkyFest and Base Drop that brought the brand idea of wild experiments in music to life. The problem was, these stunts were driving buzz, but they weren’t necessarily selling more beer. We were asked to come up with a retail-centric idea that would not only move packs off shelves, it would help Desperados move from festival scene day drink to a more scalable position as the drink of the pre-party occasion.

THE CHALLENGE & OPPORTUNITY: The young creators identified by the brand often “pre-game” or “charge” with friends, but they have just 10 bucks on average to spend on a night out - so they are pretty scrappy about creating a party anywhere. We needed to create a product-centric experience that would help them do this if we were going to break through.

THE IDEA: From the insight that music and smartphones were a given with this crowd, the Desperados Playable Bottle was born. Using Messenger scan codes that drove to a mobile site, the bottles became instruments that could be played to mix tracks with your friends in your real time.


AT THE HEART OF CHARGING: A true product-centric brand experience, unique codes provided a reason to keep buying, and a digital experience opened up eComm possibilities.


Disclosure: While I did not create the Desperados work personally, I was responsible for training both the strategy and creative departments on how to think retail-first and create cutting edge promotional ideas that bridge the online and offline worlds.