Introducing Ducati to North America: Moving a brand beloved in Europe to must-try status in the States.


THE BRIEF: Ducati motorcycles needed a campaign to re-launch the brand in the US market, where awareness was extremely low.

THE CHALLENGE & OPPORTUNITY: Ducati motorcycles were well known and loved in Europe, but almost unheard of even among enthusiasts in the USA due to a saturated media market dominated by the likes of Harley Davidson and BMW. Behavioral patterns of buyers showed that we needed an idea that would stand out and get people on bikes to test drive in order to have a shot at success.

THE INSIGHT: We heard over and over that Ducati bikes almost bring out a 6th sense or are sometimes “too much bike” they are so full of life. Then we uncovered the fact that 50% of sales lost out to BMW or Honda because these machines ‘basically drive themselves’. So we decided to use the brand’s heritage of intuitive design and legacy of a ride like no other to position Ducati bikes as an anti: Who buys a bike to have it drive you? You buy a bike because you want to ride - and feel alive.

THE JOB TO BE DONE: Drivers and barriers analysis revealed that test-drives converted at a decent rate, so instead of an un-winnable mass media game we needed to drive trial - seats on bikes. For that, we needed an authentic positioning.

At the intersection of the key brand, consumer and category/cultural insights a springboard of designed to discover the ride inside emerged, which led to the final creative platform: Made for Living.

Conceptual work developed off of initial strategy

Conceptual work developed off of initial strategy