Repositioning a beloved UK brand for Benelux


THE BRIEF: Ella’s Kitchen, one of the UK’s most popular baby brands, wanted a launch campaign to bring their products to Benelux.

THE CHALLENGE & OPPORTUNITY: For time-starved UK and US parents looking for healthy options, these handy products were perfect - but the problems Ella’s Kitchen solved simply don’t exist in Dutch culture! Dutch parents enjoy making homemade baby food and and 1 in 3 would only use packaged options in an emergency. Rather than introduce a substitute, we needed to position the brand as a complement to discovering food.

THE INSIGHT: Benelux was verging on peak foodie-ism, with an explosion of organic options and focus on nutrition education, but there was nothing for kids! We thought, why should being a foodie be limited to adults? If we could turn Ella’s Kitchen into a fun way to both discover the pure joy of healthy eating and teach good habits early on, parents would certainly see the value and give the products a try.

From there, the Kleine Foodies Club (Little Foodies Club) was born. Four distinct personas were created to help teach parents about different aspects of healthy eating, from Anna who uses all of her senses to Daan who can’t get enough of delicious combinations.

Note: The intro film below is in Dutch, but a full case study with a range of assets and results is here.

English translations added for reference.

English translations added for reference.

Targeted Kleine Foodies Club content piqued parents across social, driving them to sign up for an Ella’s Kitchen CRM program with a special welcome kit. The welcome pack included trial products, information about Ella’s Kitchen and props for creating a Kleine Foodies Club photo of your child that could be shared on social.


Once parents joined the CRM program, they received monthly milestone emails based on their baby’s age at the time of joining. Emails were packed with tips, advice and recipes using Ella’s Kitchen products all relevant the specific age.