Creating an Olympic Games proposition for EUROSPORT


THE BRIEF: When Eurosport acquired the rights to the Olympic Games coverage, they wanted a brand platform that would position them as the new ‘home of the olympics’ and re-engage millennial viewers, for whom the games were verging on irrelevance.

THE CHALLENGE & OPPORTUNITY: The generation of on-demand cord-cutters simply weren’t looking for a ‘home of the olympics’ - they weren’t interested in the games at all, as broadcast format didn’t align with their lifestyles. We needed to reinvent Olympics sports storytelling on their terms and make it compelling enough to watch. Fortunately, the new proposition gave us something to work with: coverage, of all sports, all live, with all angles and back stories.

THE ‘WHAT-IF?’: We started with the question, what if we could redefine sports storytelling for a new generation? What if we could do for sports what MTV did for music?



There was something different about the Olympics from every other world-class sporting event that aligned with the Millennial worldview. For this generation who are living in beta, relating more to underdogs than idols, and told to enjoy the experience instead of focussing on results yet pressured to make something of themselves just the same - perfection had become boring.

Real-ness, risk, and the imperfections that make us human were far more interesting to them. And no stage rewards all of that like the Olympic Games. The four a.m. trainings, sleeping in your car, training in secret, crowdsourcing funding and getting there on your passion, not perfection or professionalism, are the stuff of Olympic stories. The familiar ‘don’t fuck it up’ echoing in your head, that sense of ‘performance jeopardy’ when it all comes down to one moment… this is what would hook people. And when you know the stakes and the backstory, it becomes unmissable.

Only Eurosport could bring to life the epic gamble behind every starting line of the games. Whereas other networks show only the gold medal moments, EUROSPORT had the ability to show all of the journeys leading to them.

This led us to a creative platform of BECOME (concept work below).


That is what Eurosport offered that set them apart - to see the whole story, including the hopes and dreams and questions. What decisions would be made. Making EUROSPORT the home of not just the gold medal moments, but all of the incredible stories the games produce. We’re changing the game, because only we can.


For Olympians, the journey started long ago; the first time they saw a pool, picked up a ball or watched their hero win gold. Every story hangs on countless what-ifs, maybes and moments that no one knew would lead them to here and now. We pondered the twists and turns of the journeys EUROSPORT followed in print and out-of-home: What would become of athletes past, present and future?

DON’T MISS A MOMENT. A ‘Million Journeys’ hub was proposed for Become stories to be continued online throughout the games, with ability to send reminders and push to live tune-in based on the stories and athletes a user followed.

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 17.21.45.png

And finally, the platform allowed for narratives to fluidly continue beyond the games and into the next Olympic cycle, while teeing up opportunities for long-form content creation.