Repositioning a venerable single malt Scotch whisky for a changing US market.

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THE BRIEF: Find a way to tell the story of Glenmorangie in a way that resonates with American audiences.

THE CONTEXT: Americans were in the middle of a generational shift back to brown spirits. Led by American whiskies and bourbon, they certainly weren’t your grandfather’s drink anymore. Single malt Scotch whisky was poised to capitalise on this momentum. However, there was one problem - single malt was still seen as a bit stuffy and "for special occasions only".

THE CHALLENGE & OPPORTUNITY: Both the verbal and visual category rhetoric were so focused on the legacy of the past, that it made it difficult for Americans to see single malt Scotch whisky as something new and a relevant ritual. At the same time, craft - which the category could genuinely claim - had been bastardised. You could buy everything from "craft" car tires to "small batch" beef jerky, so talking about the craft of whisky making was a no-go. We needed to find a new way to express the brand’s craft credentials with a different vocabulary.

THE INSIGHT: American drinkers were choosing brands that reflected the zeitgeist of the 21st century; brands that held themselves to high standards, continuously reinventing and challenging themselves to deliver better products. In the whisky industry, by contrast, things haven't changed for hundreds of years. Fortunately, Glenmorangie didn't behave – or taste – like your typical scotch.

IDEA: Craft to Glenmorangie meant a willingness to defy the status quo in pursuit of excellence, a sense of curiosity and integrity that justifies occasionally stepping into the unknown in order to do so, and embracing both art and science. Glenmorangie had a legacy of respecting their heritage, yet starting new traditions, and had pushed the entire industry forward in the process.

Glenmorangie's success in delivering an unmatched range of whisky has always been driven by a philosophy of being Unnecessarily Well Made. We created a content-led campaign that would introduce consumers to a different kind of single malt and draw them into the Unnecessarily Well Made brand world.


The digital and social-led campaign had three core pillars underpinning all content and activations:

1. CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO: Content that pushed people to look at Glenmorangie from another perspective and captured attention mid-feed, using visual plays on attributes such as lightness, balance and complexity.

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2. REWARDING CURIOSITY: Based on the resurgence of mixology and insight that flavour profiles are a gateway for new drinkers, this content piqued further exploration by highlighting the range of tasting notes in different expressions and featuring cocktails such as a new twist on an Old Fashioned.

3. BALANCING TRADITION WITH INNOVATION: Collaborating with influential artists and craftsmen who share the Glenmorangie philosophy of celebrating heritage and artistry, yet embracing science, we co-created a series of films that highlighted the role of curiosity and the need to balance both in order to innovate.


A range of limited edition partnerships and products made from Glenmorangie casks further reinforced this pillar of mixing tradition and innovation.