Brands are living, dynamic things whose stories must be reinvented often and managed continuously in order to stay relevant and move forward.

Phoenix thinking is simple:

1. Understand the world that you and your customers are in

2. Find and refine your story

3. Figure out how to tell it

4. Figure out how to live it. Every day.




Do you understand your customers and their world well enough to offer value?

  • Trend briefings

  • Cultural insights & understanding

  • User journey & persona development

  • Qualitative & quantitative audience & market research and analysis

Loved working with Amy! I was very fortunate to be able to do so on a number of occasions. She brings that rare combination of creative+ with practical wrapped up in a professional but friendly demeanor. After the first time, I actually requested that she personally look after a number of projects at Philips for me thereafter. That is probably the biggest recommendation I can give. Would hire her again in a heartbeat!
— Sarah Papamichalis, Head of Digital Innovation, Philips (on Disruption & Innovation workshops)



What promise will you make to your customers? What can they expect from you?

  • Brand purpose & brand architecture

  • Global/Market-level brand positioning & repositioning

  • Proposition development

  • Creative strategy




How and where does your story come to life?

  • Brand character and personality development

  • Communications architecture

  • Brand, product and campaign-level messaging & planning

  • Channel & content strategy

I worked with Amy on brand work for several clients - each time, she led the team through the research process to develop insights, she came up with the vision/ideated around what could be possible, enrolled cross functional teams to execute the work, and in the end brought the brand’s story to life across different touch points. She is really great at working with clients to take a risk or go outside of their comfort zone, tying all strategies and tactics back to business goals and measurable metrics of success.
— Adrienne Polk, Meetup (a WeWork Company)



How do you activate your brand story as a tool for future planning?

  • Experiences, activations & partnerships

  • Customer experience planning

  • Product development and innovation roadmapping

I’m always thrilled to collaborate with her because of how admirably she blends the analytical and creative minds. Her insights invariably set a solid strategic foundation for any program or campaign. Her briefs are brilliant and she seeds our creative work with many ideas to keep us on the right path.
— Jose Martinez Salmeron, ECD, Ogilvy